PCS is motivated to provide excellent products and services to our end users. To accomplish this, we foster good working relationships with our vendors.

The best way to address our end users' requirements is to offer full and open competition for quality products and services. We post all our contractual requirements in advance, as well as the results of our competitive bids. We post all of our solicitations over $25,000.00, as well as the results of those bids. To be considered for solicitations under $25,000.00, we encourage you to complete a Vendor Packet and return it to the PCS Purchasing Department at PCSPurchasing@ASMHQ.com.

We offer our Request for Quote and Request for Proposal pages for your consideration, and encourage you to submit your bids for the listed requirements.

Please note that the following items must be reviewed and submitted prior to bidding on any PCS RFQ or RFP:

PCS Terms and Conditions
PMC Terms and Conditions
Note to Vendors
Vendor Packet
IRS W-9 Form
CCAFS Badge Application
Epic Vetting spreadsheet